About Den Nelson

Den Nelson

Den Nelson is an educator and hypnotherapist. He brings a personal commitment to the practice of self-knowledge and self-improvement through optimal living skills that can be put to use immediately. Den’s unique personality and sense of humor bring vitality and lasting inspirations to his teachings, full of practical tools for everyday use at home and in the workplace.

While living in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico, he worked with many people privately, in groups and at retreats. He works with teams and individuals to assess and lower stress, increase creativity, and stimulate individual empowerment and high performance. Den excels at facilitating the process of making life transitions. His workshops have been appreciated and recommended by those who have attended.

In 2000, he was faculty of the CEO Mexico University for a seminar called, “A Fiesta for the Senses,” and brought together businessmen and women from all over the world. Den was a featured speaker in the event, presenting his series, “Living Skills for the New Millennium.”

Other Seminar Titles: Redefining Perfection, Empowering Leadership, Teamwork: Empowerment and Creativity, Awakening Creativity, Stress Reduction to Increase Vitality and Creativity, Active Listening, Relationship Skills, Perceptions of Self, Increasing our Sense of Connectedness, The Power of Active Listening, Creating, Building and Keeping RelationshipsSave


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